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We are on the lookout for high-energy, creative chef instructors to lead children’s cooking classes (including after-school programs, summer camps, and weekend classes and parties) for children ages 4 to 18. All positions are part-time.


Sticky Fingers Cooking is looking for experienced teachers and/or chefs who have a love for cooking and are committed to working with children in public, private, and charter schools.

  • Enthusiasm for teaching and cooking
  • Dedication to children who have diverse backgrounds and academic levels
  • Interest in cooking and healthy alternatives to traditional recipes
  • Experience working with large groups of children in a school, camp, etc.
  • Effective classroom management skills, with teaching experience preferred
  • Punctuality and reliability, with access to reliable transportation
  • Love for the messy, magical combination of cooking and children
  • Flexibility for a fast-paced and high-energy environment
  • Availability at least 2 days a week Monday-Friday between the hours of 2-5 pm for one-hour classes for 6-8 week sessions

Serious applicants only please! If considered, Sticky Fingers Cooking will require a background check.


  • Lead Pre-K, Elementary and/or middle school students in exploring fun & creative recipes
  • Facilitate mobile cooking classes. Teach cutting, stirring, measuring, and nutrition.
  • Actively communicate with administration staff
  • Work with large groups of children in a school, camp, etc.
  • Interact with parents and school staff
  • Shop independently for weekly recipes
  • Travel to classroom location

Serious applicants only please! If considered, Sticky Fingers Cooking will require a background check.

What Our Chefs Have to Say

The best part of the cooking class today was when I introduced the special ingredient as artichokes. One kid asked very seriously, "What if I don't eat vegetables?" to which I replied, "Let's just wait and see if you eat them in the ravioli we make." After he had gobbled up all of his ravioli at the end of class, I asked him, "So how were those vegetables?" He smiled bashfully and said, "They were pretty great!"
Chef Ariel, Texas
I love sharing my passion for cooking (and eating) with my Sticky Fingers students! There is nothing better than the look of pride on a child's face when they taste a dish they just made and discover how delicious it is. It is amazing what the pickiest eater will try if they had a hand in making it: Tofu Picatta, Watermelon Poke, Kale Ravioli. My heart melts when they ask if they can eat some raw kale!
Chef Dani, Colorado
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Make a difference in your community by becoming a Sticky Fingers Cooking Chef Instructor! In this video, our staff spill the beans about working with kids and food in our after-school programs. Watch now to learn more about this exciting part-time job opportunity.

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