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Why We're Grape!

Sticky Fingers Cooking® in Schools

Sticky Fingers Cooking® is a unique cooking school for children specializing in before, during, and after-school enrichment classes. Since 2011, Sticky Fingers Cooking® has taught over 125,000 children ages 4-18 in over 1,000 schools from coast to coast!

At Sticky Fingers Cooking, our passion is helping young chefs discover the joys of cooking healthy and delicious meals that nourish bodies and minds. Sticky Fingers Cooking® strives to provide comprehensive education related to the essential role of whole foods. We also demonstrate how cooking and nutrition promote health and wellness. We teach simple, highly adaptable cooking skills and integrated nutrition education, opening the door to a lifetime of health and vibrancy. That's why our motto is: Cultivating 'Cool'inary Curiosity in Kids®!

We also strongly believe that our cooking classes should be available to all children regardless of socio economics, physical or emotional differences, or food allergies.

  • We have given over $1.5 million back to schools in scholarships and fundraising.
  • We accommodate any and all food allergies.
  • We model kind and inclusive behavior in our classes.
  • We celebrate what makes our students unique.

Our continued relationships with our schools, students, and families make us an ever-growing, thriving community. We make a difference in the lives of kids.

Are you a school administrator? Contact us today to schedule Sticky Fingers Cooking® classes at your school.

Our Schools Say It Best

"We have really enjoyed having Sticky Fingers Cooking® here at our school! We appreciate your organization and professionalism."
Gloria Roggow
St. John’s Lutheran School, Denver
"We love working with Sticky Fingers! The classes always run so smoothly, and the kids and the parents tell us how much they love the classes."
Deborah Adelstein
SKCEE, Denver
"I've heard wonderful things about Sticky Fingers from our families. We look forward to you returning for more sessions."
helen roberts
Kirby Hall, Austin
"Our cooking classes were beautifully executed and organized with lots of thoughtful energy and passion behind your program."
marion hinken
District 28, Northbrook, IL
"The Sticky Fingers Cooking® staff are so good with the kids—so patient. And the classes are well thought out and interactive with the students."
Patricia Dykstra
St. Vrain Valley School District, CO
"I knew by reputation how great the Sticky Fingers Cooking® program is, but experiencing it first-hand has exceeded my expectations."
althea mcclure
Bradley International School, Denver
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Sticky Fingers Cooking® Camps

Over the last decade, we have taught in thousands of camps offering an edible education to happy campers. For some camps, we integrate fully as a part of their daily activities, while for others, we provide hands-on, in-house field trips. We currently work with a host of phenomenal day camp providers:

  • Private Schools
  • Public School Districts
  • Private Summer Camps
  • Day Camps
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Jewish Community Centers
  • Parks & Recreation Districts
  • Camps in Collaboration with After School Enrichment Providers
  • YMCAs
  • Libraries

What we bring to all of our camps is something truly unique and impactful. Whether camps are one-hour or three-hour themed classes, children discover the joy and fun of cooking, build self-confidence, and learn about recipes and cultures from around the world. As an integral part of our local communities, we strive to inspire, and educate our students to become enthusiastic healthy food explorers.

Is your organization looking for a specialty camp provider? Let's talk! Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Our Camp Themes

Recent Testimonials from Our Camp Partners

"Chef Dylan is the best—patient and great with kids! Our middle schoolers, who are too cool for just about everything, love his cooking class!"
Molly berger
Green Valley Ranch Boys & Girls Club
"Thank you for your flexibility and your great programming. Everyone LOVED it. We would love to work with Sticky Fingers again!"
Jenny Wilczewski
Colorado Academy, Denver
"We were thrilled to find ​a​ program that encourages youth to develop basic cooking, nutrition, and sanitary skills. The kids ate it all up!"
elizabeth willacker
YMCA of Boulder Valley
"We love partnering with Sticky Fingers. They are wonderful at planning healthy allergen-friendly recipes that our campers look forward to preparing each week."
jamee smith
JCC of Lake Zurich, IL
"It really does make a difference when all the paperwork is done ahead of time and the instructors are professional and easy to work with.  It has been a pleasure working with you!"
heather scott
Elm Grove Summer Camp, TX
"Thank you to Sticky Fingers Cooking® for running such an excellent cooking program. The campers, counselors, and administrators at Avid4 Adventure are grateful."
Michelle Simonson
Avid4Adventure of Mill Valley, CA
"The weekly cooking classes at all four of our YMCA sites were all very fun and very successful. It was an ideal set up! Thank you!"
kyle caragol
YMCA of Boulder Valley
"The kiddos loved the cooking class! There were no leftovers! That’s always a good sign. Thank you so much. Chef Dylan was lovely!"
camille bolos
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver
"Our day campers and I had a great experience with the Sticky Fingers Cooking® program over the summer. Thank you for all that you do!"
miguel gonzalez
YMCA of Metro Denver

Sticky Fingers Cooking® & Non-Profits

Sticky Fingers Cooking® strongly believes in community and the power that it holds for every single person. That is why we have partnered with over 100 nonprofits in 11 states. Enriching educational opportunities are vital for the long-term success of children and families. By working with organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, and other local charities, we have taught thousands of children to cook and enjoy healthy, whole foods.

In addition to offering classes to our non-profit partners, we have also donated thousands of scholarships to homeless children and families living in food deserts. Through our curriculum, vulnerable children are given an opportunity to learn and nourish their bellies in a way that is fun, interactive, and engaging.

Are you a 501(c)(3) organization? Contact us today to discuss Sticky Fingers Cooking® classes for your clientele.

Five-Stars from Our Non-Profit Partners

Thanks so much for leading our cooking event tonight! All the girls had a great time, tried new things, and liked the recipes. Thumbs up all around!
amy geltner
Troop #1902
"Thank you for being a part of TEDxYouth@MileHigh! It made me smile every time I saw a big crowd of students at the Sticky Fingers Cooking® exhibit."
karmen koehn
"Thank you so much for everything! Our chef was professional, patient, kind, and encouraging with our Dreamer Scholars and their families."
chaznae walker
I Have A Dream Foundation

Sticky Fingers Cooking® at Your Local Library

Since 2011 we have taught children the joys of cooking. We can cook in any venue, including libraries! Cue our Nourishing Literacy Cooks + Books Program. We pair books, or sections of books, with a recipe that brings the overarching theme alive in a tangible way. We have now taught in over 200 libraries spanning 18 states.
One of the best aspects of cooking is the creativity it fosters. With Cooks + Books, children get a double dose of inspiration. First, they listen to the story, envisioning the characters, the culture, and the history. Then, they cook our paired recipe, bringing their vision to life. More often than not, what sprouts from these sessions is a love of reading and a passion for cooking.

Some of our most popular pairings include:

  • Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la PeñaRecipe with Nana's Last Stop Potato Leek Soup + Market Street Croutons + CJ's Creamy Dreamy Apple Cider
  • Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin with Dragon Party Street Tacos + Cilantro Lime Rice + Easy NOT SPICY Salsa
  • Watercress by Andrea Wang with Roadside Noodle Stir fry + Mom's Sauteed Watercress + Chinese Green Tea Shakes
  • Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling (Chapter 3- The Burrow, Pages: 30-34) with "Charm Your Own" Cauliflower Chive Mac n Cheese + Mrs Weasley's Apple Sodas
  • The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (Chapter 10, pages 157-60) with Percy’s Perfect Personal Pan Pizzas + Green Greek God Salad + Mt. Olympus Honey Lemon Yogurt Smoothies

Are you a librarian or author who would like to do a book reading with Sticky Fingers Cooking? Contact us today to schedule a Cooks + Books program.

Our Favorite Quotes from Authors & Librarians

"What is more fun than cooking? What is more fun than reading and writing? Well, the only thing that is more fun is both of these together!"
claudia mills
Author, Nixie Ness: Cooking Star
"We send out a survey after every program; the replies we got for this class were all positive, with patrons looking forward to the next class."
amanda lopez
Northbrook Public Library, IL
“Thank you so much for taking the time to do these programs with the kids; I like to think you’re making memories to last a life time.”
karen stanley
Rosenberg Library, TX
Chef Penny was fabulous and I could tell all the kids had a great time. I though the food choices were perfect for kids; I'm excited to make ice cream!
emily derry
San Diego Public Library, CA
"We loved Chef Kate! She did an outstanding job and we’re super excited to work with her the rest of the summer! Chef Haley was awesome too!"
kristen kallio
Douglas County Libraries, CO
"Thank you to Chef Leslie! Great job! From this former school principal, she gets an A+ for patience and clarity with children. Many thanks!"
amanda garrity
Winnetka-Northfield PLD, IL
"Thank you for your wonderful and vibrant programming! And for what you do for the kids of our city :-)"
Joy Hariprasad
The New York Public Library, NY

Our Food Brand Partnerships

THYME to TURNIP the BEET on what kids eat®! We started our brand partnerships with food producers to educate and inspire families with products we believe in and trust. Families are cooking at home now more than ever, which means they need healthy dinner ideas. One of our goals is to introduce families to branded food products that they can use to bring more creativity to mealtime.

Our brand-sponsored cooking classes harness the power of influencer marketing and scarcity marketing (by offering limited spots in our classes) with the social proof, expertise, and professionalism that only Sticky Fingers Cooking® can deliver. It is a unique marketing platform meant to get the attention of media and consumers.

Much more than an influencer post, our sponsored online classes are tangible, hands-on experiences that engage with families and children alike. These classes make it simple, clear-cut, and fun to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Since the beginning, our brand partnership classes have been an absolute success. Our partners often book six months of classes at a time to sold-out audiences.

Do you represent a food brand? Contact us today to discuss partnering with us to market your brand!

What Food Brands Have to Say About Us

“We have really enjoyed this partnership with y'all. I was personally in some classes and they were a blast. Our Culinary Director is raving about how DELICIOUS your recipes are!”
“I was so impressed with your mission, curriculum, and the overall sophistication of your creation. What a great way to support our youth.”
Vitamin Cottage Natural Foods Markets, Inc.
"I have to say that Sticky Fingers is a really impressive program for kids and parents to interact through cooking meals at home."
dan wright
Impossible Foods
"A wonderful program! What a difference you're making in children's lives not just through the cooking school but also through non-profits."
lindsey duncan
Bob's Red Mill
“We're very much aligned when it comes to believing in the power of baking (and cooking) to empower kids with life-long skills and values."
carey underwood
King Arthur Baking Company

Our Corporate Partnerships

We create unforgettable team building experiences with companies across the United States. Our corporate, family-focused, online cooking classes bring our talented, dedicated, and experienced crew of chef instructors directly to employees for an unforgettable team building experience.

We also give hard-working team members a break by cooking up fun with just their kiddos! Either way, corporate staff ends up with a delectable dish and a shared bonding experience that benefits the entire company.

Here are a handful of companies that we love to cook with:

  • AIG
  • CorePower Yoga
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Strata Decision Technology
  • Thrivent

Are you responsible for building team morale at your company? Contact us today to determine how Sticky Fingers Cooking® can help.

What Companies Have to Say About Us

"We offer Sticky Fingers classes to our clients and their families, and we get rave reviews every time! They make it so simple to schedule and pay for the classes, and to tailor the curriculums for our groups. We love being able to offer something so unique to our clients that keeps them feeling “connected”, while connecting to our brand!"
kristen kirkley ford
Thrivent Financial
"NAILED IT! The kids and families were IN LOVE with these recipes and it was so much fun! You really highlighted Kalona products in special, meaningful ways👍"
Kalona SuperNatural Dairy
"Your chefs are awesome! They are so talented at working with the kids and keeping them engaged."
Noelle Whitestone
CorePower Yoga

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