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How To Enroll In Online Cooking Classes

Get Kids Cooking in Three Simple Steps

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step 1

Enjoy a Free Class

Want a taste of our online cooking classes? Get your kids in the kitchen, meet our fun-loving chef team & create a delicious recipe with fresh ingredients. Welcome to the adventurous and scrumptious wonders of Sticky Fingers Cooking! All ages welcome.

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step 2

Join the Club

Ready to experiment with new foods? Join our weekly interactive online classes featuring a new recipe each week! Our small-group COOL'inary Cooking Club is designed to help kids become more independent in the kitchen! Ages 4+ recommended.

happy child who has matriculated to sticky fingers cooking junior chef 101 and 201 online cooking classes
step 3

Level up in 101

Calling all budding Master Chefs! Our 101 and 201 online cooking classes are designed for children and young adults looking to expand their kitchen skills and independence. Your creativity will be pushed as we create new recipes together. Ages 7+ recommended.

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Upcoming Online Cooking Classes

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Learn How To Cook at Home

Discover the joy of healthy cooking right from the comfort of your own kitchen! Our interactive online cooking classes are a delicious blend of education and fun. Led by our skilled chef instructors, these virtual culinary adventures pack in a dash of nutritional knowledge, safe cooking skills, hygiene, geography, math, plus a side of food history and culture.

We're allergy-friendly too, with safe substitutions for common allergens. Your child's well-being is our top priority!

Join us for a FREE online class today. All ages welcome!


Online Cooking Classes for Kids

Get ready to whisk your kids away on a culinary adventure like no other! Online cooking classes for kids are the secret ingredient to turning your kiddos into kitchen wizards. From dough-lightful pizza-making to egg-citing baking, these classes sprinkle fun into food education. Watch them become confident cooks, all while having a food-tastic time. Sticky Fingers Cooking provides smiles and skills that will last a lifetime!

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