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food geek-in-chief

Erin Fletter

Erin is passionate about getting kids to not just eat, but actually crave healthy food! She has an extensive background in the food and wine industry and loves to use that experience to craft new Sticky Fingers recipes that bring together fresh ingredients, global flavors, math, geography, nutrition, food history—and a big dash of tasty fun. Erin also writes terrible jokes about food that make everyone groan.

Erin's three energetic daughters are her first round of taste testers and she is never reluctant to push their culinary boundaries. In fact, Erin has so enjoyed introducing her family to a wide variety of foods that she wanted other families to have the same opportunity through Sticky Fingers Cooking. Erin bought & transformed SFC from a brick and mortar children’s cooking school to a 100% mobile cooking school in 2011. Sticky Fingers Cooking now has hundreds of cooking classes throughout Colorado, Illinois, Texas, and beyond.
Wow, Chef Erin!' You really write ALL of these recipes for Sticky Fingers? Good thing your food is a million times better than your jokes. —Avery, age 6
director of operations & optimism

Katie Brennan

An accomplished doer of all things, Katie joined us in 2014. Her knowledge, expertise and momentum provide heart and soul for our entire SFC crew. Katie is not afraid to take on challenges! Her tenacity and ability to create happy order out of chaos led her to Sticky Fingers Cooking. Katie helps manage Sticky Fingers Cooking’s “virtual office” and is the secret sauce in SFC’s recipe for success. In the kitchen, she enjoys watching her husband cook and says their two kids are his biggest critics. She loves flash mobs, Josh Duhamel, llamas and tequila. She is a graduate of CU Boulder.
You've got this! —Encourage Mint
systems specialist

Lauren Frontiera

Lauren graduated with honors and received a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She studied abroad in Ireland and has since worked in marketing as well as in the kitchen!

Lauren owned and operated her own granola business and also worked at a spectacular bakery in Arvada. While her role for SFC has changed over the years, her passion for good food, children, and education remains. When she's not working, you'll often find her exploring a new local coffee shop or restaurant, cooking up some plant-based deliciousness in her kitchen, or reading.
Favorite Food Pun
Go shawty! It's sherbert day.
social media maven

Maggie Whittum

Maggie Whittum began with Sticky Fingers Cooking as a Chef Instructor in 2010 and taught for several years between her extensive jaunts abroad. After surviving a massive brainstem stroke in 2014 at age 33, Maggie rejoined the Sticky Fingers Cooking Team in 2016 as the Social Media Maven. Maggie performs with Phamaly Theatre Company in Denver, which exclusively casts actors with disabilities, and she is creating a documentary about her life entitled The Great Now What. She is a graduate of Colorado College.
Favorite Food Joke
What happens when fruits die? They get berried!
director of cultivation

Joe Hall

Joe brings his proven and savvy startup know-how and extensive experience in business development and marketing skills to Sticky Fingers Cooking. He played pivotal roles in widely varied startups in the Solar, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Golf, Health and Wellness, and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle sectors.

His very diverse startup experiences makes him passionate about cultivating more 'cool'inary curiosity® in kids to ever more communities by bringing the fabulously fun and truly tasty Sticky Fingers Cooking experience to many more young chefs. Did we also mention that Joe also a bit of a foodie himself; he makes a pretty mean San Francisco Seafood Cioppino and a very tasty Vietnamese Carmel Simmered Chicken dish.
web database diva

Amanda Adams

Amanda is a former preschool teacher and speech pathologist who taught for over 10 years. She is now mom to three busy and happy kids. She loves creating and cooking with natural foods and her newest hobby is aquaponics; raising her own fish and organic produce at HOME!

Her love of working with kids combined with her passion for fun and natural foods led her to Sticky Fingers Cooking. Amanda started as an instructor with Sticky Fingers Cooking and now helps manage Sticky Fingers Cooking’s “virtual office” and maintains the database behind scenes.
Favorite Food Pun
Quinoa get a what what?
education cultivator

Kate Bezak

Kate received her degree in Secondary Education for English and History from Grand Valley State University and a Masters in the Art of Teaching for Curriculum Design and Instruction with the drive to positively impact students’ lives. Since then, she has taught Language Arts at the middle school level and outdoor recreation for campers as young as 4 years old. Being a part of an organization that fosters kids’ passions and creativity has always been important to Kate, which is what drew her to Sticky Fingers Cooking.

Kate loves to explore new recipes in the kitchen that feature bold flavors and is especially fond of baking and the Great British Baking Show! She’s always looking for people to share her recent bakes with. When Kate’s not in the kitchen, you can find her hitting the trails with her husband, Chris, and fur-baby, Apollo, or rock climbing at the local gym.
Favorite Food Pun
Thanks a Latte!
systems specialist

Eileen Leno

After working in the corporate world (Pepsico, Kraft General Foods, Unilever) for over 20 years, Eileen hung up her corporate hat and donned her chef coatfollowing her dream of starting her own personal chef business! Eileen joined the SFC Team in 2014; her love for cooking and making people's taste buds come alive mixed with her ability to manage made for the perfect combination! Eileen learned a lot about cooking from watching her grandmother and mom but what really kicked up her passion for exploring new and exciting foods was living overseas in South Korea.

Eileen currently lives at the beach on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where she loves to walk with her best buddy, 13-year-old yellow lab Riley (102lbs of LOVE), and her husband. She also enjoys year round outdoor sportsgolf, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and snowman building (lots of snow in the Upper Peninsula).
Favorite Food Joke
Why did the Mushroom go to the party? Because he’s a 'fungi'!
national partnership manager

Chloe Sundberg

Chloe is a transplant to Colorado from the East Coast but now calls this beautiful state home. She is a self-proclaimed foodie with a background in child development and has years of experience promoting kids’ health through healthy eating and physical activity. She has worked with kids in many different settings and enjoys working with younger children in particular. She is passionate about engaging kids in the kitchen and now that she has two little boys is excited to share her love of cooking (and eating!) with them.
Favorite Food Pun
Lettuce turn up the beet!
colorado area manager & development cultivator

Kimberly Douglas

Kimberly graduated from UCLA with a degree in International Development in 2010. In college, she came to realize how muli-faceted the culinary world really is and became fascinated with all things food. After working in the food industry for over a decade and traveling across Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America, she moved to Denver and was able to combine her passion for healthy cooking and working with kids via Sticky Fingers Cooking.

Kim and her husband are world travelers, spending the better part of two years traveling together through four continents and recently completing a year-long trip in an adventure van. When they are living a “normal” life, Kim loves mountain biking, skiing, reading, and spending time with friends and family, cat Nigel, dog Palta, and son Miles!
Favorite Food Pun
Every morning I think that I'm going to make pancakes, but I keep waffling!
colorado scheduling manager

Caroline Duffy

Caroline is a recent graduate from the Professional Chef Program at Cooks Street Culinary School. After spending many fun-filled years managing a restaurant in Denver, she sought to hone in her own culinary chops. Her main areas of interest in cooking are pasta making and plant-based foods. She loves creating new vegetarian recipes. When she is outside of the kitchen, Caroline enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time in her garden.
Favorite Food Pun
Cheesy puns make me all gooey inside.
Chicago Area Manager & Development Cultivator

Lucy Warenski

A Chicago native, Lucy was one of the first Chef Instructors in Denver. While her background is in education—she is a certified Montessori teacher (ages 3-6)—her passion and zest for cooking were clear from the beginning. She loves to cook so much that she even started her own culinary business, Green Gourmet Cooking!

Lucy fell in love with Sticky Fingers Cooking: she loves how it teaches children about food, expanding their palettes by chopping, stirring, and tasting the DELICIOUS recipes on a weekly basis. She has been one of our most dedicated and enthusiastic chefs, so much so that she has helped us expand from Denver to Chicago! Watch out Windy City, here comes Sticky Fingers Cooking and Lucy’s passion for teaching children about yummy food!
Food Wannabe
A noodle! You can be spicy, saucy, soupy, slurpy...even fried.
illinois support specialist

Amy Carter

Amy Carter grew up in southern Indiana and received a B.A. in Therapeutic Recreation & a Minor in Psychology from Indiana University. Amy came to Chicago to start a job with St. Joseph's Child Center running the Activity Therapy Department. She went on to become a Park Supervisor for the Chicago Park District running various sports programs and special events. After spending a few years at home with her two children, Amy joined SFC in September 2015.
Favorite Food Joke
Why do the French like to eat snails? Because they don't like fast food!
chicago scheduling manager

Robin Pearce

Robin has worked in the restaurant industry for 30 years, both in operations and training. She loves to cook and believes that you are what you put in your body. Robin’s passion for teaching and making an impact on a child’s life through healthy cooking led her to Sticky Fingers Cooking.
Favorite Food Joke
Want to hear a good pizza joke? Nevermind, it's too cheesy!
Texas Area Manager & Development Cultivator

Francine Huang

Francine has over 10 years of experience working in the food industry. After earning her Bachelor's in Nutrition and Dietetics, she spent countless hours working in kitchens tweaking and cooking nutritious recipes for collegiate athletes.

Combining her food science expertise with her passion for nutritious and delicious food led her to Sticky Fingers Cooking in 2018. Francine continues to open the door for kids to experience and explore the world of food; she especially loves cooking with kids because their expressions and comments are priceless. Her favorite thing to see is how excited her students get when they taste something amazing that they NEVER thought they would like!

When she’s not working, Francine loves reading books, hanging out with her two dogs, and hiking the trails in Austin.
Food Wannabe
I would be a potato because it's so versatile! You can bake it, mash it, make french fries or potato chips, cook it up in a hash, make a potato patty, or use it in dough. Potatoes are just so a-peeling. It's a good spud!
Chef Instructor & Texas Support Specialist

Alli Doyle

Chef Alli started cooking as a teen, volunteering during the summer at church camp. Then after traveling the world as a United States Marine, she decided she wanted to teach children to cook, because that's where the real action is! She took her culinary degree and her experience with her two wild boys to Sticky Fingers Cooking! Things might get a little loud and a little crazy but it will always be tasty!
Favorite Food Pun
Oh kale yeah!
texas scheduling manager

Jessi Cano

Jessi was born and raised in Austin, TX. She is a pediatric dietitian and has spent her career helping families create healthy relationships with food and a love of healthy eating. She joined Sticky Fingers Cooking in 2017 and has been so excited to share with young chefs in and around Austin that food can be good for you AND taste good too!

Jessi and her husband have thee young children, two dogs and a cat. When they're not cooking and exploring new foods, they like to do things together outdoors like camping and swimming.
Favorite Food Joke
Why didn’t the cabbage win the race? He wasn’t ahead of lettuce!
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No kitchen required
All we need is a room with an outlet and proximity to a sink. We provide everything else!
Flexible scheduling
Sessions are between six and 14 weeks. You choose the day, times and frequency!
100% school safety compliant
All of our instructors have background checks, fingerprinting and insurance.
Easy class registration
We offer free online enrollment, payment, collection, and class roster organization.
Materials included
We provide all marketing materials to promote classes to your community.
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No cost to schools
Tuition ranges from $16.50 to $22.50 per class, per child, paid by parents or guardians.
Discounts and scholarships
Discounts are available to parents who volunteer in class. Limit two kids per family.
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Every family has access to our tasty online recipe collection for at home family cooking fun.

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