Mackintosh Academy (Boulder) Summer Camp 2023 (June 12th-16th) AM 1st-6th **cancelled - Sticky Fingers Cooking
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Mackintosh Academy (Boulder) Summer Camp 2023 (June 12th-16th) AM 1st-6th **cancelled

Mackintosh Academy (Boulder) Summer Camp 2023 (June 12th-16th) AM 1st-6th **cancelled

We're sorry. This session is CANCELLED.
Mackintosh Academy (Boulder, CO)
6717 South Boulder Road
Boulder, CO, 80303
Session Summary
5 Cooking Classes
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Class Dates: 06/12/2023, 06/13/2023, 06/14/2023, 06/15/2023, 06/16/2023
Important Information


Open to the public to children entering 1st-6th grades. Registration must be completed through Mackintosh Academy Boulder.

  • Please send your campers with a water bottle.
  • If your child is attending a full day of camp, please send them with a bagged lunch.
  • A recipe collection will be emailed to you the final day of camp!
Class Theme Details

Do your young chefs love watching cooking shows on TV?

In this hands-on camp, young chefs will work together in cooking challenges inspired by favorite cooking TV shows such as Street Food, Nailed It!, and more! We will learn how to use different cooking equipment and techniques, explore flavor pairings, and create tasty mouthwatering recipes from scratch each day. Young chefs will get their creative juices flowing in this awesomely fun and exciting cooking adventure!

Kids Cooking Showdown Recipes:

  • BAKING IMPOSSIBLE: I Love You a ChocoLOTe Pie + Sweetly Whipped Cream + Classic Root Beer Floats
  • NAILED IT!: Mimic These Mini Mahogany Cakes + Cherry Chocolate Drizzle + Iced Cherry Vanilla Spritzers
  • CHOPPED NEXT GEN: Summer Vegetable Radical Ratatouille + Fresh French Bread Rolls + Lemon Sorbet Shakes

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