Sticky Notes - A Soup-er Idea for World Kindness Day!
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A Soup-er Idea for World Kindness Day!

November 8, 2023 by Emily Moore

Let's Celebrate World Kindness Day!

  • I tried to make a belt out of herbs and veggies, but it was just a waist of thyme.
  • Why did the soup bring a blanket? It was chili.
  • Why did the soup apply for a job? It wanted to be a bouillon-aire!

World Kindness Day is observed each year on November 13. Its purpose is to celebrate and encourage good deeds and community spirit. What a great idea, and it has scientific backing, too.

Britain’s Mental Health Foundation has researched the profound effects of kindness on emotional well-being, which is crucial for children as they grow and develop. Simply put, being kind benefits both the giver and the receiver. This is especially important for our young ones; being kind can combat feelings of isolation, strengthen friendships, and enhance connections in schools and communities. Numerous studies also indicate that practicing kindness can have physical health benefits, suggesting that teaching our children to be kind might make them happier and healthier.

So, how can we, as caregivers, integrate kindness into our daily lives? There’s no shortage of ideas. Here’s mine: make a pot of soup together and make extra to give to a friend, neighbor, or relative. 

Who wouldn’t love a gift of the ultimate comfort food? Simple, scalable, homemade soup! And the act of preparing it can be an excellent way to spend time with your child. Toddlers will gamely wash vegetables, capably tear herbs into bite-size pieces, and enthusiastically dump ingredients into a bowl. And they readily volunteer themselves as taste testers! Older children might read steps aloud, measure ingredients, and chop and sauté vegetables. And everyone can help clean up!

What do you think? Shall we nurture more of those life-long skills while teaching our kids about community, compassion, and connection? Feel free to browse our online recipes for ideas and inspiration! 

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