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Gifts Ideas for Kids Who Like to Cook!

December 14, 2022 by Emily Moore

Stumped on what to give your favorite little foodie? We see you and we’ve got 3 ideas!

What do you call a chef that wants to launch their own restaurant? We call him an entrée prener.
1. Sticky Fingers Cooking Class

Studies show that many people prefer experience gifts to material ones, and cooking classes make particularly great gifts for elementary-age kids. It’s a chance for them to have fun in the kitchen while learning lifelong skills and habits. Why not amplify the fun by coordinating a class for your child AND their bestie? Find a Sticky Fingers Cooking class near you (or send a gift card and let them choose!) 

We also have an Online Winter Break Baking Camp for while kids are out of school on holiday break!

2. Kid-Friendly Kitchen Tools 

Kid-sized tools are more than just cute – they’re easier for young children to manipulate. Moreover, they’re inviting – a junior knife set or mini rolling pin can go a long way toward helping a child feel confident and at home in the kitchen. Handstand Kitchen specializes in cute, novelty cooking tools like these rocket-themed cupcake molds or unicorn-shaped cutting boards

And last, OXO’s good grips kitchen tools, while arguably less cute, were designed with accessibility in mind so they’re often easier for kids and everyone else to use. OXO salad spinners and non-slip plastic bowls are two of our favorites.

3. Cookbooks Just for Kids

A cookbook is hours of cooking experiences just waiting to be unlocked and Sticky Fingers Cooking now has THREE kid-tested, kid-approved titles to choose from! 

Happy Holidays! 
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