Sticky Notes - Dinnertime Hack – Soup Swap!  
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Dinnertime Hack – Soup Swap!  

December 21, 2022 by Emily Moore

Want to be a real SOUP-er STAR? Let's have a Soup Swap!

With the weather cooling off, it’s time to start thinking about SOUP! From chilis to chowders, broths to bisques, my freezer is always well stocked with soup. Why? Because in my mind, there’s no better, easier dinner. Just warm up the soup, throw together a simple salad, maybe add a loaf of bread, and everyone’s generally happy. The thing is – I don’t always have time to make all those homemade soups. 

Enter: Soup Swap!

Basically, it’s a cookie exchange, but with soup instead of cookies. Here’s how it works:

Invite a bunch of friends over. Have each of them bring three quarts of frozen homemade soup in containers they don’t mind giving away. At the gathering, socialize, have some snacks, and then, in the final 15 minutes, tell each other about the soup you brought and take turns choosing three soups to take home (you can draw straws or playing-cards to determine the order). At the end, everyone will go home with three different soups from the ones they brought. 

You guys. It’s brilliant. And it’s so efficient: you prepare ONE large batch of soup. Then you socialize with friends for a couple hours. Then you go home and stock your freezer. You just solved THREE DINNERS! And who knows, maybe one of your friend’s soups will become a new family favorite. Plus, look at you, harnessing the power of community to solve little problems – like how to get a delicious meal on the table without running yourself ragged! 

Soup Swap Logistics – Tips & Tricks

5-10 people works well but scale up or down as you wish!

  • Swap in the morning over coffee & banana bread or in the evening over drinks & appetizers. 
  • Have everyone bring their soup FROZEN in containers they don’t need back. 
  • Have everyone label each container with the soup’s name and the date they made it.
  • Be sure to give folks a few weeks’ notice so they’ll have enough time to make soup.
  • Be sure to communicate about any allergies / dietary restrictions.
  • Depending on the time of year and the duration of your event, consider using coolers to transport the soup.
What to Make

Want to swap like a pro? Read on for some soup-swap favorites!

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